Spring 2016 District 83 Business Meeting

Nominations for elected District Officer positions have been received from the Nominations Committee. All open Director positions will need to be filled by nominations from the floor at the business meeting on May 21st. If you are interested in running from the floor, please contact the Nominations Committee Chair, Anne Gilson, DTM for more information on qualifications and process. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Anne will also be coordinating a 2nd emailing from all candidates, both nominated and those running from the floor. Please send her your campaign letter/brochure by May 2nd to be included in this 2nd emailing.

District Director: Paula Markert, DTM
Program Quality Director: Janice Buffalow, DTM
Club Growth Director: Rachel Weiss, DTM

Division A Director:
Division B Director:
Division C Director:
Division D Director: Manuel Reyes, ACS/ALB
Division E Director: Olga Berejnaia, DTM
Division F Director:
Division G Director: Oomadai Rampersaud, CC/ALB
Division H Director: Thomas Jenkins, ACB/ALB
Division I Director: Rachel Rowe, ACB/ALB

The Realignment Committee is recommending we remain at 9 Divisions but we are reducing the Areas from 40 to 36. We will vote on the Realignment before we vote on the elected District Officer positions. Many thanks to Realignment Committee Chair Phyllis Goldblatt, DTM and her committee for all their hard work in putting this together.

Business Meeting:
The District 83 Business Meeting is scheduled to start at 1:05pm at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, 2 Albany Street, New Brunswick, NJ on May 21st. There is no charge for attendance and is open to all members in good standing. Club Presidents & Vice Presidents of Education or those caring their proxy, need to pick up their voting ballots from the Credentials desk prior to the Business meeting. Credentials is open 8:45am to 11:30am and again at 12:50pm to 1:00pm. The proxy form and instructions are posted on the district website.

Appointed Positions:
There are many ways to step up to leadership roles outside your club. Most the positions posted on the District Website are appointed by the incoming District Director after the elections and terms start July 1st. If you're interested in a specific role, please touch base with the person currently in that role for more information. Example, this is a great time to reach out to your Area Director. You may be able to tag along on one of the Area Director's official Club Visits to get a better idea on what is expected first hand.

April 2016 District 83 Newsletter
The Current Edition of the District 83 Newsletter has arrived!


April Edition

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Spring 2016 Conference Agenda
International Director Steve Chen
Spring Conference 2016 Pricing

Conference Registration

Mail Registration Form

Registration Form (PDF)

Register Online

Register online for the Spring Conference. All major credit cards accepted.

It’s easy and fast, just click on one of the buttons below.

Your registration and payment will be processed online using our secure server. No payment information is stored once the transaction is complete so your personal information is never at risk.

SATURDAY and SUNDAY May 21st and May 22nd 2016

Hyatt Regency New Brunswick
2 Albany St, New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Full Spring Conference (Saturday and Sunday) – $160
(Saturday and Sunday May 21 and 22 2016)
Enjoy all the events at the Spring conference. Includes Workshops, Evaluation Contest, International Speech Contest, and Dinner.
Evaluation Contest Only (Saturday) – $10
(Saturday May 21, 2016)
Includes Evaluation Contest.
Saturday Only (Saturday) – $120
(Saturday May 21, 2016)
Includes Saturday Workshops, Dinner, Evaluation Contest and Keynote.
Sunday Only (Sunday) – $60
(Sunday May 22, 2016)
Includes Sunday Workshops and International Speech Contest
Contest and Dinner (Saturday) – $80
(Saturday May 21, 2016)
Includes Evaluation Contest and Dinner
International Contest (Sunday) – $15
(Sunday May 22, 2016)
Includes International Speech Contest Only
Spring Conference Cancellation Policy

The following reflects District 83 policy for Spring Conference refunds.

  1. Refund requests received before March 21, 2016 receive 100% refund less $15.00 processing fee.
  2. Refund requests received before April 21, 2016 – receive 75% refund less $15.00 processing fee.
  3. Refund requests received between April 22 and May 7, 2016 – receive 50% less $15.00 processing fee .
  4. Refund requests received between May 8-13, 2016 – receive 25% less $15.00 processing fee.
  5. No refunds after Friday, May 13, 2016
  6. No refunds made at or after the event under any circumstances.
  7. No refund checks will be processed until after the last day of the Spring Conference.
Member must contact District Conference Chair (see below) by the above dates or no refund will be granted.
Contact: Lynda Starr Spring Conference Co-Chair
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Contact: Olga Berejnaia Spring Conference Co-Chair
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

2016 Spring Conference Flyer
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